I have worked on dozens of fantastic projects, including several award-winners and world firsts.



2022 · UX+UI Design* · .NET App Dev

DMeter empowers you to view your Dante audio outputs, directly from your Mac or PC. Presets offer rapid switching, so your setups follow you between networks and studios. And with support for up to 32 channels, you’ll never miss a beat.


Favourite Faces

2021 · iOS App Dev* · UX+UI Design*

Favourite Faces empowers you to stay close with your favourite people, right from your home screen. Widgets are simple to create and customise, giving you control. And a quick tap lets you contact those you care about most.

Monarc Media Labs

Sotto Voce

2020 · Unity App Dev* · UX+UI Design*

An acoustic health monitoring system that allows musicians to perform with confidence, Sotto Voce provides accurate real-time analytics and seamless archiving of data, which can be viewed from the intuitive tablet app.


Trophon 2

2018 · UX+UI Design* · Software Dev

An award-winning automated high level disinfection system, Trophon 2 protects patients against probe cross-infection, with industry first smart data integration and an intuitive user interface.

Qantas Super

Retire Right!

2018 · UX Design* · Unity Dev · Visual Effects

Retire Right! is a comedic, virtual reality game show which highlights the speculative consequences of our financial planning, particularly in relation to superannuation contributions. Released internally at Qantas.

National Diagnostic Products

Betachek C50

2018 · iOS App Dev* · UX Design*

An award-winning blood glucose meter, Betachek C50 integrates 50 test cassettes and a lancing device, and results are automatically uploaded to the mobile app for review and reporting.



2018 · iOS App Dev* · UX Design*

An award-winning smart and secure key cabinet system, Keyhound allows companies to keep their greatest assets safe and accounted for, using the integrated touch screen or the smartphone app.

Transmedia Entertainment

Moriarty: VR

2017 · UX Design* · Unity Dev · Visual Effects

Based on the Image Comics MORIARTY series, Moriarty: Endgame VR is a first-of-its-kind comic book that allows readers to enter and experience the panels and scenes in a truly immersive VR experience.

Coronation Property

8 Phillip Street

2017 · UX Design* · Unity Dev · Visual Effects

An award-winning marketing campaign, 8 Phillip Street’s “P.S. I Love you” was spearheaded by an immersive virtual reality experience which offered the opportunity to experience the building’s ‘studio 54’ rooftop bar.


Smart Idler

2017 · Web Dev+Design* · Software Dev

An award-winning mining solution, Smart-Idler monitors conveyor rollers 24/7 with a wireless automated system, allowing safe and remote monitoring of key metrics of potential roller failure.

Singapore Post


2015 · iOS App Dev* · UX Design* · Android Dev

An award-winning suite of smart postal lockers, POPStation allows customers to keep up to date on and collect their parcels at any time with ease, via the intuitive smartphone app.

Smart AV

Tango 2

2012 · UX+UI Design · Software Dev

An award-winning, professional, touchscreen-based Digital Audio Workstation controller, Tango 2 offers the most ergonomic and efficient mixing experience ever developed by Smart AV.